Hello! Good morning everyone! It’s not always raining in London, the truth is that this year we have the prettiest Spring that I saw here, many sunny days, yes of course, too many cloudy as today too! 😂...

If there was something that made me so happy I sang in the shower, its a summer dress, hahaha, especially one with a print that reminds me of my favourite things, ice creams and flowers. Hahaha. Who wouldn’t like them, right?

IWANTTOBECHIC 2018-05-19 006-2.jpg

Hello everyone!! How is it going? I hope its all well!! As I promised last week here I am again with a special post for me, because today I am wearing the Rosella dress. which I designed two weeks ago with lots of love. I wanted it to be something special! Not the usual dress which your forget you have after a few days. No!! I didn’t want it to be another piece of clothing which just sits in your wardrobe, to never leave again.

MAY 17, 2018

During this month we have seen spring flourish in London. The days are finally longer and warmer. The markets are filled with juicy summer fruits and vegetables, such as, wild asparagus. From the windows´  home I saw the almond tree in the gardens blossom and many other trees as well. The sun light shimmers through my window at 5 AM and the birds’ songs fill the morning with comfort. These are the little things that tell us spring is here and make me feel happier than ever... Read more

MAY 8, 2018

Hi guys! I’m so happy to take up the blog again, its been six months since I last appeared around here! It has been a time of great change in my life, I have had to deal with many new things; starting to design again, doing sports, starting new routines and enjoying fashion… Way too much. But in the end it seems that it is all starting to go well, I just need paciente, to keep on working and enjoying the present... Read more